Our Track Record: For a firm that needed changes in its overall supply chain operations...

Key Business Issues
- High customer complaints on delivery timeliness
- Long production lead time
- Poor product cost tracking
- High quality incidence rate
- Absence of process performance measures
- Frequent materials run-out leading to missed production
- Poor execution of action plan
Services Provided
- Operations assessment
- Process reengineering
- Implementation management
- Change management
- Plant lay-out redesign
- Zero-based Budgeting
- Organizational Assessment

Solution Components
- Customer delivery performance measure and monitoring system
- Cost control and monitoring system
- Pay system design and implementation
- Daily production performance review system
- Product design evaluation process
Business Results
- Increased order delivery timeliness to 100% after three months of implementation
- Reduced manufacturing lead time by 33% from 17 days to 11 days
- Increased manufacturing capacity by 25% without additional capital outlay

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