Training & Development As new ways of operating the business are implemented, Employees need to be trained on the new processes and policies. Equally important is the understanding of how the new processes interact with each other as well as the concept of all the elements and players interacting together to best serve the final consumer. To this end, Prosults offers the following workshops and courses:

Supply Chain Management College

  • Supply Chain Management Workshop
  • Supplier Partnership
  • Vendor Owned Inventory
  • Production Planning Workshop
  • Sales & Operations Planning Workshop
  • Inventory Management and Control Workshop
  • Demand Management Workshop
  • Cost Control Workshop
  • Operating Expense Budgeting Workshop
  • Cost Improvement Workshop
  • Quality Control Workshop
  • Project Management Workshop
  • Purchasing Workshop
  • Material Specification Review
  • Materials Planning Workshop
  • Inventory Record Accuracy Workshop
  • Total Productive Maintenance Workshop
  • Supply Chain Management Game
  • Manufacturing Game
  • Key Performance Indicator Workshop
  • Supplier Partnership Workshop
  • Transportation Planning
  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Material Supply Assurance
  • Supplier Reliability Program
  • Supplier Scheduling
  • Loss Control Workshop

  • Prosults regularly conducts public workshops for many of the courses listed above, but should your organization require training and education in one of the more specialized and company-specific courses, please feel free to contact us to set up an in-house workshop.

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